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Avocado x 2: Creamy Weekend Fests Ahead

Fallbrook and Olvera Street line up the guac ingredients.



    Avocado x 2: Creamy Weekend Fests Ahead
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    Do you kind of build most meals around this green fruit? Yeah. Many do. Make for Fallbrook or Olvera Street on Sunday, April 13.

    Fact: There are dozens of fruits you didn't think of this week. The quince? Probably not. The kumquat? Well, maybe, since Southern California trees are bursting with the orange oblong orbs at the moment. Gooseberries? If you're a pie-maker, maybe these crossed your mind. Maybe.

    But the avocado? It's a superstar specimen that crosses eaters' paths with a startling and pronounced frequency. Attribute this, in large part, to guacamole, which is both the fruit's main vehicle and a dish that is now popping up on all the menus, whether the restaurant serves traditional Mexican cuisine or not.

    The alligator pear can stand on its own legs, or, um, stem. Exhibit A? Not one but two festivals devoted to its royal creaminess are flavoring up the Southern California calendar, and on the same day, too: Sunday, April 13. And, nope, that doesn't even include the mega Carpinteria avo-party, which lands in October.

    Want to do both? A bit of driving is involved, but figure guac is at both ends.

    Olvera Street is the scene for the Los Angeles Avocado Festival. It's free to get in and avocado salad, hot dogs with guacamole, avocado scallop ceviche, and avocado club sandwiches will be in the house. Or street, rather.

    Fallbrook is the other happening spot for green goodness and it will bustle. Tens of thousands of people show up for the mondo Avocado Festival. If you're wondering if avocado ice cream will be a thing, and other offbeat bites, consider this the confirmation you seek.

    Avocados, you do hold sway.

    As for gooseberries, quinces, and kumquats? May they get the spotlight, in turn, too. Actually, wouldn't they all be good served alongside avocado? Surely some culinary artist is hard at work on new fruit/fruit pairings.

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