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Baskin-Robbins Offers $1.31 Scoops on March 31

The ice cream chain is celebrating its 70th with deals throughout the year.



    Baskin-Robbins Offers $1.31 Scoops on March 31
    Baskin-Robbins kicks off its 70th birthday celebrations with $1.31 scoops on March 31. More deals on the 31st day of the future months are yet to come.

    SoCalers can get understandably huffy when they see study after study proclaiming that New Englanders and Midwesterners annually consume more ice cream than people living on the sunny southern part of the West Coast.

    After all, it is never really not ice cream season here, right? Except for like that one week in December. 

    Baskin-Robbins, however, is a rather large and venerable ice cream chain -- "venerable" meaning it has been around for 70 years -- and it does observe an actual ice cream season, which starts in spring.

    March 31, actually, according to the sundae-making company. So to start ice cream season off with a proverbial bang, participating Baskin-Robbins will sell scoops for a buck, a quarter, a nickel, and a penny on Tuesday the 31st.

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    That's $1.31, of course.

    In fact, the Massachusetts-based dessert titan is rather enamored with the number 31, so look for more deals to come on the 31st days of the month during its 70th anniversary year.

    Sorry, April, June, September, and November. Don't be jealous.

    It's all a part of the Celebrate 31 promotion. In addition, a Classic Two-Scoop Sundae'll go for $3.31 on March 31, if a plain single scoop is, well, not nearly enough for your ice cream-desiring ways.

    So do you go cup or cone for that single scoop? It's kind of like choosing to dunk or not dunk your Dunkin' Donut (a company in the same family as Baskin-Robbins). No one'll judge -- we all approach our treats in a different way -- but we do think cones are the way to go for days where the temperature tops out at 80 degrees or above.

    Controversial? Perhaps. But a summery day shouldn't contain much that's sedate, and a cup and spoon land on the more proper side of ice cream consumption. We know that we SoCalers aren't as schooled in the ways of scoop-eating as New Englanders, but we try to follow sundae styles and ice cream etiquette, when warranted.

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