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Batman Tour Rolls at Warner Bros.

The studio is celebrating the superhero's 75th anniversary.



    Batman Tour Rolls at Warner Bros.
    Warner Bros.
    The Batman Exhibit, complete with Batman trams, opens at Warner Bros. Studios on Thursday, June 26.

    If you've ever been on a tour of a studio lot, you know the gamut covered is wide.

    Wide? Make that capacious: Your guide will talk about a television series geared for children one minute, then speak to an action film the next. It's all interesting, of course, but not especially thematic.

    Here comes your thematic studio tour, film fans. It's at Warner Bros., it involves a caped crusader, and an iconic vehicle, and jokers and penguins and catwomen and mansions and wise butlers.

    Need more? Nope, you don't: In honor of a certain comic book icon's big 75th, the Burbank-based studio is launching The Batman Exhibit, a costume- and prop-packed studio-based tour. Make that a studio-based tour in the all-new Batman trams.

    Southern California is pretty dang tram-packed, what with the open-air vehicles' big theme park presence, but all of a sudden we really, really want a Batman tram of our own, just to, like, run down to Ralph's in. Like, maybe even want it more than the Batmobile itself. You, too? Yeah.

    "All seven Batman films come together for the first time ever" in this see-it-for-yourself look-around. That means you'll be toodling, in the BATMAN TRAM, past areas of the Warner Bros. backlot where scenes were filmed, and you'll visit the on-the-lot museum, where many capes and masks shall be on glorious, snap-a-photo display.

    It's "the first time artifacts from all seven films" have been presented together.

    Tours open June 26, tickets are $54 per person, and guests should be eight and older.

    And, yes, we put "BATMAN TRAM" in all capital letters there, so forgive our shouty excitement. Really, where can we get one of those things? Just to, like, park in our driveway and impress the neighbors?

    Gotta love a themed tram and a themed studio tour. And you can be Batman buffs'll be flying in for this one for some time to come.

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