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Behold the Mighty Restaurant Stadium

Fans gather in a fresh way to watch the The All-Star Chef Classic.



    Behold the Mighty Restaurant Stadium
    All Star Chef Classic
    Ever sat in a Restaurant Stadium? That's going down at the All-Star Chef Classic at LA Live from March 21 through 23.

    If you've ever attended a cooking demonstration, you know that nabbing a prized seat in the first couple of rows is key.

    Oh, you can observe well from any of the rows, especially if the tilted-mirror-thingamabob is installed above the stoves and the chef is wearing a headset, but getting close, to the sights and scents, is a pleasure of loving the culinary arts.

    But what if every pop-up food demo could take place in the Restaurant Stadium, a space that almost demands its own theme song, or, at the very least dramatic lead-in music? The All-Star Chef Classic will be waged, spatula to spatula, whisk to whisk, in just such a setting, at LA Live from Friday, March 21 through Sunday, March 23.

    "28 highly acclaimed chefs from around the country" will enter the stadium and whip up delights for a quartet of meals: The French Masters Dinner, Grill & Chill, All-Star Lunch, and Savor the Season.

    While the toques'll hail from all over, you can bet that SoCal stars'll make showing. Mr. Roy Choi will be in the house, and Ms. Nancy Silverton, too.

    Some 250 fans'll get to up-close, or fairly, in that stadium-like arena, where they can see all of the chopping and stirring and applying of sauces.

    Tickets are sold by the day or an all-in-one package. A Saturday ticket runs from $100 to $125, and, yeah, you're enjoying the fruits of what you've watched (so lunch or a tasting is included).

    Why can't everything we watch have "stadium" somewhere in its name? The mere knowledge that you're enjoying something that has been stadiumized -- even if it is melting some butter or frying an egg -- has a way of instantly upping the enjoyment.

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