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Belmont Shore + Chocolate 4evr

Local businesses will be setting out their favorite chocolate treats.



    Belmont Shore + Chocolate 4evr
    The businesses of Belmont Shore hold a Chocolate Festival on Saturday, Feb. 9.

    There's something about a paper-box heart full of chocolates that can bring out the opinions in otherwise easygoing people.

    Some say that this Valentine's icon is a must. Others say that they're happier with other shows of affection come mid-February. But it fascinates how an inanimate object filled with a foodstuff most eaters are partial to can inspire such feeling come the month most associated with feelings.

    Regardless of where you stand, heart-shaped box or not, you likely are not against sweet treats as a concept. Most people are not, which is perhaps one reason why the Belmont Shore Chocolate Festival is just a year shy of its decade anniversary.

    It happens again, for its ninth year, on Saturday, Feb. 9. And it is free to stroll, but have some cash on hand for purchasing bites.

    We'll also guess that most snackers rather like strolling around this pretty neighborhood and eyeballing the best treats the local businesses have to offer. Brownies, cakes, puddings, and more creations will be for sale during the day. There is a pie-eating contest and a cake walk, too.

    Oh Belmont Shore. You charm us with your authentically small-town ways. Charm.

    Feb. 9 also happens to be the day of the Bulldog Beauty Contest, and other pet-related contests, in Long Beach. In short? If you're into pups and pies, you know where to go. (Well, the dogs are at Marine Stadium, not Belmont Shore, but map away, we say.)

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