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Ben & Jerry's: It's Free Cone Day, People

The Vermont ice-cream-a-terium serves up the sugary orbs, gratis, on April 14.



    Ben & Jerry's: It's Free Cone Day, People
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    Spoons up, napkins tucked, ice cream mavens: Tuesday, April 14 is Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day.

    Every SoCaler welcomes May Gray and June Gloom, for both times of the year deliver a cooler, foggier respite, a respite that is welcome ahead of the sun-blastier days of July through October.

    We even like the morning murk when it arrives early, in April, now and then, just to show it is on the way. Except for a particular day, April 14, which is known throughout ice cream circles as Free Cone Day.

    Nope, that certainly does not mean one can get a free ice cream cone wherever they ask for one, but if you strut into a participating Ben & Jerry's on Tuesday, April 14, you'll walk out with a gratis, lickable, Vermont-style cold treat.

    Well, "strut into" is a little optimistic. Free Cone Day inspires the queues, so bring a friend to chat with, a book, or a crossword puzzle. Or maybe your phone? You'll probably have that on you, we imagine. Not a controversial guess.

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    It starts at noon and wraps at 8 p.m. and it is thrown by the longtime ice cream makers as a way of telling fans thanks and "spreading the peace, love & ice cream around the globe!"

    Is there a hashtag? There is, and it is neither too complicated nor baroque: #FreeConeDay is what you'll want to 'gram, 'book, 'witter, and so forth. (Again, you'll probably have your phone with you as you wait in line.)

    As for the top flavor choice, as listed on the Ben & Jerry's site, for Free Cone Day? Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, which has a very strong showing at 47 percent. But moan not, Cherry Garcia enthusiasts: Your go-to flavor is a favorite, too.

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