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Best Corned Beef for St. Paddy's Day

Where will you pick up the March 17 classic?



    Best Corned Beef for St. Paddy's Day
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    Corned beef sandwiches are the savory staple of March 17. Several LA spots serve 'em up year-round and definitely on St. Patrick's Day.

    Green beer or, well, just beer, is the beverage most associated with St. Patrick's Day. Make that good beer, a Guinness or other hearty ale with ties to Eire.

    And the food? Well, we'd almost put corned beef ahead of beer on March 17, because you'll want to eat something substantial before raising those festive pints.

    Which would you prefer, ultimately?

    A) Returning to your table from the bar with a pitcher of beer or B) returning to your corned beef-laden table with a pitcher of beer from the bar.

    B is the correct answer.

    Thank goodness our fair city can amply assist us in the savory meat department. Since St. Patrick's Day falls on a Sunday this year, you may not get your corned beef on the day of, but you can certainly start on St. Patrick's Eve. (You celebrate that, right?)

    Magee's Kitchen: As long as there has been a Farmers Market at 3rd & Fairfax, there's been a Magee's Kitchen inside. And as long as there has been a Magee's Kitchen, there've been people clamoring for corned beef, new potatoes, and maybe a dash of the famous horseradish.

    It'll be hopping on Sunday, March 17, believe it, but the spirit is convivial. You won't mind waiting a few minutes for the good stuff.

    Langer's Deli: Not only does the MacArthur Park-adjacent eatery have corned beef, but it puts that corned beef into some of its top sandwiches (lest you like your meat to arrive with a little bread). The Fresser's Special Sandwich rocks the savory stuff, in addition to other savory stuff, too (yep, pastrami is in there). But something to note: Langer's is not open on Sunday, so this will have to be your St. Patrick's Eve meal.

    Tom Bergin's Tavern: Fact: This spot, just south of Wilshire on Fairfax, will be a-hoppin' on March 17. Truly, we're not sure if "a-hoppin'" goes quite far enough, so insert whatever term you use for a lively crowd that nearly spills out of the door. Beer and Irish Coffees are the drinks, and corned beef and cabbage will be coming out, plate after plate.

    Seriously, whatever you do on March 17, work in a Bergin's moment where you can (and don't forget Molly Malone's up the street).

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