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Betty White's 91st = Free Cupcakes for Fans

Georgetown Cupcake honors the legend's birthday with free treats



    Betty White's 91st = Free Cupcakes for Fans
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    Georgetown Cupcake and TV Land honor Betty White's 91st birthday on Thursday, Jan. 17 with free Betty White cupcakes. (Photo by Toby Canham/Getty Images)

    Betty White has her own permanent seat in the "Can Do No Wrong" Pavilion, a pavilion that many an actor or famous person tries to gain entry to but often finds gaining entry is much harder than it looks.

    There are secrets, though, on how to win the forever-and-always adoration of an affection public. Have a long and interesting career. Be truly funny. Possess some wicked timing. Gamely tweak your image now and then. Champion animal causes. And work steadily into your 90s.

    Ms. White has is and has done all of those things. So to honor one of Hollywood's true pros on her 91st birthday, Georgetown Cupcake on Robertson Boulevard is giving away free cupcakes topped with the star's image. The date? Thursday, Jan. 17.

    The sweets are red velvet, which seems to fit the actress well. A bit velvety but with some surprise bite. And the fondant toppers come emblazoned with "Hot in Cleveland," Ms. White's TV Land series (TV Land is a partner in the cupcake giveaway).

    If you're an actor, we wish you as sassy a role when you enter your 10th decade. If you've already passed your 91st, and you continue to rock the Hollywood establishment, we tip our hat to you, in honor, and wish that you, too, may get a sweet emblazoned with your image.

    And in more cupcake news, Crumbs Bake Shop is offering a line of cute cakes in honor of the Super Bowl. Cupcakes with tiny beer mugs on top, or pretzels or potato chips, can adorn your coffee table spread.

    Betty White and beer mugs in baked good form? LA, you do amuse and charm.

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