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Big Heart, "Big Sunday"

There's still time to volunteer over the vast help-out weekend.



    Big Heart, "Big Sunday"
    Big Sunday
    Big Sunday, the annual early-May volunteer day, is now Big Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, May 3-5. Where can you lend a hand?

    Of all the barriers that exist in this world, the one that shouldn't exist at all, but does, is the one between a person who wants to volunteer and volunteering.

    Perhaps the choices overwhelm, or one is uncertain where to start, or what office to call. So this resolution, be it New Year's or otherwise, gets delayed. And delayed. And delayed.

    Big Sunday is the easy, let's-get-this-going solution, the welcoming gateway into the gracious, giving-back life of voluntarism. This year's dates are May 3-5.

    What is Big Sunday? A large-scale coming-together of thousands of people around California, people who pitch in on a variety of community projects, from planting gardens to delivering Meals on Wheels to neighborhood clean-up and beyond.

    Help is still needed at Wilshire Crest Elementary (painting) and pitching in at the afterschool program Heart of Los Angeles. Here's the full list.

    How big has Big Sunday gotten? So big that "Sunday" isn't quite exact any longer. It now extends to the Friday and Saturday ahead of Big Sunday, meaning that "Big Sunday Weekend" is the more correct term. There are over 500 projects going down around the state over the three-day span, making it very big indeed.

    That's impressive, given the fact that Big Sunday -- or Big Sunday Weekend, rather -- is still a little shy of its decade-and-a-half-versary.

    The barrier to volunteering isn't so high, in the end. Give a few hours over this pitch-in extravaganza, meet some people, and discover how you'd like to help out, and where you're needed, down the road.

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