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Big Mac a Deux: Some McDonald's Taking Valentine's Reservations

Split a hamburger with your honey, by candlelight, at the fast-foodery.



    Big Mac a Deux: Some McDonald's Taking Valentine's Reservations
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    A few McDonald's around the country are accepting reservations for Valentine's dinner 2014. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    What did you walk by the last time you first entered a McDonald's?

    Maybe the island that holds the napkins and ketchup dispensers, or a sign touting the chain's newest sandwich. But we'll just go out on a limb here -- or a brightly colored over-sized M -- and guess you didn't stroll by a maître d' stand or a table with a mint bowl.

    Because McDonald's? It doesn't take reservations. It's the opposite of reservation-taking, in fact. The San Bernardino-born mega fast-foodery is basically the go-to reference when people want to cite an easy-in, quickly-out eating experience.

    But that's changing at a few franchises around the country on Valentine's night. Two Tampa, Florida McDonald's are accepting bookings for a candlelit evening of Big Macs and chocolate shakes.

    Tablecloths and other heart-laden touches are in store, reports WTSP. And the reservations? They're stacking up, with 20 already. And, indeed, the food served shall be from the McDonald's menu, lest you think the franchises are sending out for more classic Valentine's-y dishes. Say chateaubriand or lobster thermidor.

    Oh, we'd totally eat a Lobster Thermidor Mac. Dear McDonald's, please consider that for a future sandwich unveiling.

    Tampa is not alone in its Valentine's whimsy, though; a North Carolina McDonald's is also making the holiday special for cheeseburger-craving couples.

    Will a SoCal outpost jump on the trend? After all, this is the place where the company got its sesame seed bun-topped start back in 1940.

    However many McDonald's participate, here's hoping that the twosomes who take the restaurants up on their reservation offer will be in the spirit of the holiday. Like, will there be the seductive feeding of French fries between lovebirds? Or perhaps a soda with two straws? A Filet-O-Fish shared, bite by bite?

    See you by the ketchup dispensers, loveydovers.

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