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Bourbon, Charity, Cheap Eats: Pie Day at the Brite Spot

Like your crust, your meringue, and your savings? Eat up in Echo Park.



    Bourbon, Charity, Cheap Eats: Pie Day at the Brite Spot
    Brite Spot
    Thursday, Jan. 23 is Pie Day, and the Brite Spot celebrates with an assortment of crustful deals (plus a little love for the Silverlake Conservatory of Music, too.

    We get when busy restaurants don't know or remember that it is National Steak Sauce Day or the annual holiday where we celebrate the little crunchy parts of onion rings that actually contain no onion. (Those are the best, right?)

    But forgoing National Pie Day? Well, we won't say that seems unpatriotic, but there's a reason that the word stands for both a delicious filling-filled shell and one of the iconic ratios of the math world: It's important.

    And while pi may not be the same as pie, and actually has its very own holiday -- March 14, of course -- you can be you'll see a number of $3.14 deals going down on National Pie Day, given that 3.14 is the start of the long chain of numerals for pi.

    Orrrr you'll see a bunch of $1.23 deals. For National Pie Day falls on Jan. 23, and that's a Thursday this year, so all of your dessert consumption will make the weekend seem like it has started just that much earlier.

    The Brite Spot in Echo Park gets the tip of our hat, because they will remember it is Pie Day on that very day. So much so that specialty pie slices are going for $1.23 -- a nod to the day, not the lengthy numeral -- and proceeds from whole pies'll lend some love (and cash) to the Silverlake Music Conservatory.

    A pie-eyed cocktail will put the concept in a glass. Well, the concept won't be in the glass so much as bourbon and whiskey, so, yeah, this is how some grown-ups will mark the delicious day.

    And everyone who visits the retro-y diner'll enjoy a dessert-themed soundtrack on Jan. 23.

    How and where will you raise a fork? Will you go meringue, apple, or chiffon? Will it be at Du-Par's or Pie & Burger or the Brite Spot or House of Pies? 

    And will we all reflect, en masse, that a rather humble but tasty foodstuff, a foodstuff that's never too pricey, deserves its spot as an Americana-perfect diner staple? Cookies and cake, we adore you, but pie wins.

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