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Brews, High Jinks and the Paramount Backlot

The guaranteed-to-be-sold-out Beer Festival is just ahead.



    Brews, High Jinks and the Paramount Backlot
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    LA Beer Festival welcomes people dressed as pirates (and not dressed as pirates) on Saturday, April 6.

    When future anthropologists study our society they'll learn one interesting and true fact: When people enjoyed a public beer around Star Date 2,013 in the planetary region of Los Angeles, California, they did so in two places.

    Place one? A tavern or a bar or a club or a restaurant or another indoor spot n possession of a liquor license. And place two? An outdoorsy location, such as a park, where a beer tasting is often held.

    But a studio backlot? That is a very uncommon place to hold a major beer tasting.

    In fact, it's an uncommon place to hold anything besides the filming of a movie or television series. So that the LA Beer Festival happens to sprawl across one each and every year is very notable, if only because it will definitely befuddle future anthropologists looking for patterns.

    But it doesn't befuddle those brew buffs that love it. It's always a sold-out event, and it is soon to be sold out; drink | eat | play, the organizers behind the Saturday, April 6 gathering, predict that will happen before the end of March.

    Dozens of brewers are on hand, and food trucks making edibles, meaning that small sips and tidbit bites rule the day. Music and other outdoorsy, summer's-coming to-dos add to the proceedings.

    A ticket is $40 and there are two afternoon-to-early-evening sessions to choose from. And the beneficiary in part? Noah's Bark Animal Rescue.

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