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Brokechella: Jam Out for Little Cashola

The in-city alternative to the desert spectacle grows on and on.



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    Brokechella dances downtown on Saturday, April 18. Why yes, that is indeed the second Saturday of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

    It's 'round about now that the thousands upon thousands of people who are planning on attending the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival are saying sentences that begin with the words "a month from today ..."

    "A month from today we'll be listening front row for Jack White" or "a month from today we'll be by the motel pool" or "a month from today we'll be looking for meeting each other at whatever outlandish sculpture we pick as our we-got-lost meet point."

    People going to Brokechella, however, have a different "month from today" outlook. For sure, the window of time is the same: The in-city cheapo concert festival is on Saturday, April 18, which is the second Saturday of the desert extravaganza it so cheekily hails in its name. Or at least the second half of its name. 

    But Brokechella is just fifteen bucks, if you buy your ticket early, and you don't need to find a place to camp around Indio, or an aunt's couch. Your "a month from today ..." is all about keeping cash in the wallet and grooving to good tunes while soaking in the sunshine.

    Temperatures, also, may be on the cooler side in downtown LA, it is very likely.

    If you think that Brokechella, though, is the only event there ending in -chella, well, au contraire: Puppychella is part of Brokechella, so look for sweet furry friends on the concert grounds (No Kill Los Angeles will be hosting the hound-themed happiness). 

    So there's your "a month from today ..." Brokechella people. On April 18 you'll be Metroing it downtown, getting a beer or soda, dancing to tunes, and petting puppies. 

    We're not saying you shouldn't see your aunt that night, or ask to crash on her couch, because we know you'd love to see her and she you. We're just saying your springtime concert choices include an in-town happening for not a lot of bucks. Plus puppies.

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