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Brokechella: Tune Fest for a Tenner

The one-day downtown music party brings the vibes for little cash.



    Brokechella: Tune Fest for a Tenner
    Raymond Liu
    Brokechella 2014 unfurls at 590 Santa Fe in downtown LA on Saturday, April 19.

    We're required to fill out so many forms in our lives, and check so many boxes, and sign so many dotted lines, that we're loathe to have you face another list of questions you need to answer.

    Let's make the list quick and lively: Do you like big, daylong music festivals? Do you like a spring Saturday? Are you fond of socializing with like-minded fans? How do you feel about sunshine? Do you want to pay a bundle for all of this?

    If we might be so bold, we'll fill in your answers: Yes, yes, yes, fine, nope. Close? If so, then best prepare yourself, because that steamroller of a high quality but deeply budget sound extravaganza known as Brokechella will be back on Saturday, April 19.

    Yep, it happens at the same time as another -chella out in the desert. Yes, it costs less money. Yes, you can stay close to LA, since it all goes down downtown. No, you don't need to book a room, pitch a tent, or ring a favorite aunt, because it's on for one day only.

    But what a day. Over 50 acts'll play, art installations will art it up, faces shall be painted, gifty items shall be vended, and snacks and drinks shall be sold and consumed.

    The bands shall represent the kaleidoscopic spectrum of sound one expects from a scrappy pants music fest. Electronic folk, Echo Park garage pop, and shoegaze pop are three of the genres you'll see listed in the fancy engraved gold-leafed program that uniformed attendants will be handing out.

    Ha ho, we josh. You want a fancy engraved gold-leafed program, go to another event. This is Brokechella. Visit the on-site photo booth if you want a souvenir from the tune-sun-chillax-heavy day.

    The price for your ticket in? Ten bucks, if you buy in advance, or $20 there. The other stuff mentioned, snacks and all? Extra, so stuff another wad of bills into a pocket, or invite a friend who doesn't mind fronting you cash when there's beer to be enjoyed.

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