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Butter Up: It's National Pancake Day

IHOP goes the free flapjack route, but you can find kooky cakes all over town.



    Butter Up: It's National Pancake Day

    While a lot of people might be inclined to brush off various food holidays, in much the same way one might flick confetti from their shoulder following an especially lively party, you see an almost full-scale embracing of National Pancake Day.

    Why do people adore the batter-blissful day so much, which falls on Tuesday, March 4? The tasty reasons are plentifold.

    1. Pancakes.

    2. Pancakes.

    3. Butter, syrup... and pancakes.

    4. IHOP regularly gives away free orders of flapjacks over the course of the holiday, with the hope that pancake enjoyers will leave a donation for the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. And people do: Some $13 million dollars have been raised since 2006, and the goal for 2014 is a goodly $3,000,000 in post-pancake paying-it-forward.

    We can do this, right, pancakeans of Southern California?

    The peaked-roofed chain restaurants'll be humming over the holiday, which coincides with Fat Tuesday, so perhaps the celebratory mood will lead to more IHOP visits and more donations. Fingers crossed, or, perhaps, butter pats is more apt.

    Pancakes will be not free but incredibly delicious across the rest of town on the holiday, from The Griddle, which is known for its outlandish 'cakes -- the Hear Me Roar includes Frosted Flakes -- to Du-Par's, which whips up the classic pancake to perfection.

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