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Buy a Burger for a Better Cause

Short Order is teaming with amFAR on a flavorful fundraiser.



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    Short Order
    Make for Short Order on Tuesday, Dec. 10, order the Aileen's or Short Order burger, and see 100% of the proceeds go to amFAR.

    Fundraising efforts and pushes and galas and picnics and drives happen all year long, thank goodness, and they're as manifold, in type, as the organizations they represent.

    But December seems to draw the most outlandish, flavorful, and offbeat of charity-sweet campaigns, or so our various social media outlets and the fliers in our mailboxes reveal.

    Short Order, at the Original Farmers Market, understands that mid-December is mega go-time as far as present-shopping goes, and they also understand that they're right next door to a rather famous shopping destination. (Spoiler: It's the Grove. Don't be mad we told you.)

    So here's the tasty and help-others upshot (the best sort of upshot): The much-lauded burgeratorium has teamed with amFAR for a day of burger-eating and giving-back-ery on Tuesday, Dec. 10.

    Name? Buy a Burger for a Better Cause. Step One? Order an Aileen's Burger or a Short Order Burger on Dec. 10 and see 100% of the price go to the American Foundation for AIDS Research.

    We did indeed type "100%" there, as in one hundred percent. As percentages go, that amount is at the very tippy-top of the numbers heap ("tippy-top"=highbrow mathematical term).

    Have you had the Short Order Burger? "Mustardy mayo" is one of the condiments on it. Seriously, you probably make mustardy mayo on your own, on the side of your plate, but the restaurant is kind enough to just anticipate your wish here and slather a mix of both on your patty. Please. That's nice.

    And it is nice to use all parts of your busy holiday season to help others, even if you need to grab lunch. Wouldn't it be a fine world if all parts of our day could be tied to giving back, and not just in December, either?

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