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CatConLA: Paws, Claws, and Awws

The festival for everything feline meows downtown.



    CatConLA: Paws, Claws, and Awws
    The festival for everything feline meows downtown on Saturday, June 6 and Sunday, June 7.

    Got a hot happening to share with a pal? Typically your friend will need to hear all about a weekend happening before being sold on going, but that isn't the case with those who keep company with creatures of every fur and stripe.

    Say "bird" to a bird buff or "dog" to a dog devotee or "kitten" to someone mad for the meow and they want to be there, at the event, however, whenever, yes, please, thank you, subject closed.

    But there is much to say about CatConLA, so if feline aficionados might bear with us, as we illustrate the two-day festival's many cat-tastic charms, we will soon slink out of your way, making it easier for you to get ready for this mondo meower.

    CatConLA roly-polys, like a madcap Maine Coon, into The Reef downtown on Saturday, June 6 and Sunday, June 7.

    The name clues us into the fact that is a big cat-themed bash, with products, experts, and celebrity -- catlebrity? -- cameos aplenty. Why, yes, internet star Lil' Bub will be there, and Simon Tofield, the artist behind the humorous "Simon's Cat," will make an appearance, too. Also look for Angie Bailey, the author of "Catladyland" (she's on the speaker roster).

    Plus, there shall be hobnobbing with other lovers of whiskery, cuddy, tail-flicking beasties. Good times, for sure. Best have your favorite photos to share at the ready.

    And by the way, the jokester who started the whole notion that cat owners are people who avoid the company of other people, choosing instead to stay home tending to multiple cats, should really rethink that tired old trope.

    Feline fans are the coolest. They've got a little magic to them, in fact, even superpowers. Have you ever seen a cat person cradle a rambunctious kitten while they email the boss? This is not easy, doubters. Not easy at all.

    If you need an icebreaker, consider that it is rather humorous to hold a cat convention in a building named after a watery place that fish frequent. Just don't tell your own cat you're headed a place called The Reef. Theyll be very jealous, most likely, and demand you return with a nice, plump salmon.

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