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Cavalia's New Show Trots Into Burbank

The horse spectacular clipclops into SoCal. Bonus? There's water.



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    More than 60 horses are a part of Cavalia's new show "Odysseo." It's in Burbank under the big top starting on Wednesday, Feb. 27.

    When people start sentences with "the old saying goes.." the chances are very high that the old saying is probably going to be one of ten old sayings that get trotted out, time and again. And very high on the "the old saying goes..." list? You guessed it: "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink."

    But what if there are 67 horses? And what if said water was actually "a magically appearing 302,000-litre lake" that is in front of a video backdrop that's about "the size of three IMAX screens"? You're not inside any mere saying then; you're at Cavalia's new show "Odysseo."

    Cavalia has made a name for itself as the traveling, music-and-effects-filled reverie featuring beautiful maned performers and their human handlers. The people in Cavalia dance and swirl of course, too, so while it does involve the riding of pretty ponies there's on-the-ground performance, too.

    The stars are undisputedly the behooved beauties at centerstage. It's a tribute to Cavalia, we think, that people will often refer to it as "the horse show" even if the name is a bit slower coming to mind. Though that's changing, given the fact that the production, which is based in Montreal, keeps to a consistent touring schedule.

    Also of interest: Where the ponies go once they retire from the stage.

    "Odysseo" opens in downtown Burbank under Cavalia's classic big top on Wednesday, Feb. 27. It's set to trot through Sunday, March 17.

    The mega lake and backdrop are two new stories with this one, but there's also a working carousel in the show as well. Costuming, acrobatics, and song up the dreamy aspects.

    The Burbank dates are the only U.S. dates listed on the traveling show's calendar as of now. 

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