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Cheers: First-Ever LA Spirits Expo

The finest liquids and beverages receive their ice cube-y due downtown.



    Your Perfect Day at the Ballgame
    The LA Spirits Expo raise a toast at Los Angeles Center Studios on Saturday, May 10.

    Internet memes have been, well, downright meme-y themselves, as a concept, in recent years, if you want to get perfectly meta.

    Which we don't. Rather, we'd like to applaud old-school pop culture, such as television shows for starting lasting trends, trends that go way beyond even the most robust online meme.

    Take "Mad Men," for instance.

    Did the retro series single-handedly revive cocktail culture? Maybe, maybe not, but it is impossible to picture Don Draper without his highball glass. Which makes it rather fitting that the first-ever Los Angeles Spirits Expo is set to line up the bottles and cracked ice at LA Center Studios, one of the longtime homes of the swanky hit show.

    More things should dovetail in this world, right?

    The expo, which will gather together "craft bartenders, spirit enthusiasts, restaurateurs, consumers, and the business community" for a bevy of beverage-related happenings, from spirits competitions to tastings.

    While the to-do is listed as running for two days, day one, which is Friday, May 9, is just for industry people. Are you not in the industry but you still want to know more about bespoke whiskeys and bourbons and mixology techniques and who is making what these days? Saturday, May 10 is your day and tickets may be procured here.

    Seminars covering the full spectrum of sipping topics'll fill out the day (so, nope, it isn't all about lifting the glass).

    Will cocktail culture remain after "Mad Men" wraps? Of course; it was here long before then, but every now and then pop culture and craft cocktails meet in a beautiful marriage.

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