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Chinese Theatre Forecourt Goes Yoga Studio

Hands press against the ground, in a different way, at the landmark.



    Chinese Theatre Forecourt Goes Yoga Studio
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    TCL Chinese Theatre marks Earth Day on Tuesday, April 22 with a first-ever yoga session in its famous forecourt. Cost? Free.

    We put our feet to the ground in, well, just about every place we go.

    But our hands? Our mitts tend to meet earth less often. Oh, maybe at a handstand convention, or a Twister tournament, or a chalk festival, should you need to outline your fingers for your artwork (we can only imagine you're drawing turkeys, if so).

    All that said, Southern California is home to two prominent avenues for hands to spread upon the ground, fingers well-splayed. One? Yoga classes, which are plentiful and varied. And two? The TCL Chinese Theatre forecourt.

    Now those two titans of SoCal living shall merge in one offbeat and planet-conscious happening. The forecourt of the Chinese Theatre is transforming into a yoga studio, for one evening only, in honor of Earth Day.

    Downward-dogging on the handprints of Clark Gable and Rita Hayworth? It's happening on Tuesday, April 22.

    Jahmelia Lindsay will do the instructing duties, Dasani'll do the gift-bagging duties, Lorna Jane is loaning the mats, and you? You just need to reserve a spot at

    Cost to participate: free. Levels welcomed? All of 'em, so starters and advanced people, join in.

    Two final questions: Whose handprints will your hands be in as you hold a plank? Hope it is a favorite stars. And two: Will yoga unitards outnumber hero costumes on the boulevard for a few hours? That sartorial showdown could be pretty spectacular.

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