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CicLAvia: To the Sea

The mega, free, much-loved bike ride heads west. As in to-the-ocean west.



    More than 100,000 cyclists rode from Downtown LA to the beach Sunday on CicLAvia's longest route yet, 15 miles of carless road. Ted Chen reports from Downtown LA for the NBC4 News at 5 p.m. on April 21, 2013. (Published Sunday, April 21, 2013)

    Too often we all speak in a "remember when"-type of tone. Remember when this one festival was awesome? Remember when that one place we love to go was cheaper? Remember when fill in the blank?

    CicLAvia, the shut-down-the-streets-to-cars, let's-ride-our-bikes mega party does not suffer remember-when-itis. The reasons are plentiful, but we think a main one is this: Every time the come-one-come-all bicycle ride comes back around, as it does a few times a year, it is even better.

    Proof? Over fifteen miles of new road have been added to the Sunday, April 21 route. And that route? It starts at Union Station and ends in Venice. Oh yes it does. Venice Boulevard is the main thoroughfare.

    No one is going to say "remember when CicLAvia did cool stuff?" because that cool stuff is happening now.

    Want more proof? The route heads for the ocean this year, allll the way to the ocean (you know we're serious because of how we spelled "all"). This is a different CicLAvia than years past, much more expansive and free-wheelin'.

    But not that free-wheelin'. Multiple food options will be available, and volunteers, and entertainment options, and hubs in which to meet up with friends. Organizers also sent out word that they are keeping in close contact with LAPD to make sure the ride has "a safe and secure environment as possible."

    If you don't want to start at Union Station, you don't have to. If you only want to cycle part of the route, you can. If you want to ride with kids, you definitely should. If you don't have a bike but you have roller skates or just tennies to walk in, that's absolutely fine. And if you're driving near Venice Boulevard on Sunday, April 21, you should avoid the area or make other plans, at least through mid-afternoon.

    See what we're saying? No "remember when" here. CicLAvia continues to grow in all the interesting and fun ways, and it is still totally free.

    Meet ya in Venice, street-wheelies.

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