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Cinderella's Glass Slipper Seen in Hollywood

The glittery footwear is on display at El Capitan.



    Cinderella's Glass Slipper Seen in Hollywood
    Disney Enterprises
    Lily James stars as Cinderella in Disney's new live-action feature. The El Capitan Theatre, in addition to screening the film, has a display that includes the glass slipper.

    No matter how many times you dig through the closet or peek under the bed in a vain search for your missing running shoe or sandal, you will never, ever face the footwear-themed frenzy faced by a certain young lady named Cinderella.

    The fairy-tale icon lost her iconic glass slipper while dashing from a palace, which, really, is not where one wants to accidentally leave a shoe. Backdoor-adjacent: good. Grand staircase: drama shall brew.

    Those enchanted by storydom's most famous shoe are in luck, however: The slipper has been seen in Hollywood, at the El Capitan Theatre, where it is currently on display with other props from the Disney's new live-action film (starring Lily James as the title lass and Cate Blanchett has the deliciously divine stepmother.)

    The slipper boasts the crystal-shiny style of a cut gem and has some real-world pedigree fit for a palatial party: Swarovski partnered with costume designer Sandy Powell on the look of the story's most pivotal bit of costuming.

    We wouldn't dare dream of a spoiler here, as to how Cinderella is or is not reunited with her shoe, but let us hope the kind heroine has a better time of it than many of us do as we dash about looking for our favorite sneaks or heels.

    As for the other treats that the Disney-helmed cinema has in store? Look for "an immersive light and projection show" and, yes, a short before the film called "Frozen Fever." (Surely you remember "Frozen," the animated film that debuted in November 2013?)

    We jest, Olaf-style. The heat of "Frozen" continues to be as hot as a lovable snowman is cold, and the sweet song from the short began making the online rounds on opening day.

    It's a big time for fairy tale fans, and that big time lasts through April 16 at the El Cap. Should you wear your own glass slippers, if you have 'em, to a screening? Well, why not? Just take care not to squish any popcorn kernels or leave your shoe on a Walk of Fame star while dashing along Hollywood Boulevard. 

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