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Cinema, Stars, Eats: Hola Mexico Film Festival

Ten days of regional eats, flicks, and stars unfurl downtown.



    Cinema, Stars, Eats: Hola Mexico Film Festival
    Casese Quien Pueda
    "Cásese Quien Pueda" opens the 2014 Hola Mexico Film Festival. The 10-day food-and-flick party rolls at Regal Cinemas and La Plaza de Cultura y Arte.

    Various filmmakers, genres, and styles go in and out of vogue depending on where film fans' sometimes fickle tastes happen to land on a particular month.

    That's not you, of course -- you're consistent in your cinematic loves -- and that doesn't apply to particular regions where movie-making is forever on the up-and-up-and-up.

    Mexico has been a centerpiece in all cinema conversations over the last two decades, and it isn't a mystery why. The country's film industry is on high gear, Alfonzo Cuaron and Guillermo del Toro are among the hottest helmers (hello "Gravity" and all the films del Toro touches, respectively).

    And the Hola Mexico Film Festival? It's major.

    As in 10-day major, as in major star major, as in unfurling at a few points around downtown Los Angeles major. The food and flicks and tunes and arts celebration kicks off on Thursday, May 9 and continues to entertain, think, and further Mexico's most invigorating contribution to the world cinema stage.

    The nuptial-minded treat "Cásese Quien Pueda" opens the festival, with a fiesta to boot, but many happenings and screenings and Q&As shall follow. Treats include a quartet of U.S. and LA premieres, a free Mother's Day happening May 10 (at Plaza de Cultura y Artes), and so many special guests, including the actors seen on screen.

    The two spots to head for? Plaza de Cultura y Artes and Regal Cinemas. DishLATINO and CINELATINO are the festival hosts, and the running dates? May 9 through 18.

    If you've been meaning to catch up with Mexican cinema, this is your moment. As long as you know that few industries are as dynamic as Mexico's movie-making business, at the moment, so keeping up on the latest flicks is a constant pursuit, and a fantastic one, too.

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