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Clang Clang Clang: The WeHo Trolley Debuts

The PickUp will roll down Santa Monica Boulevard on Friday and Saturday nights.



    The PickUp line will run Friday and Saturday night on a 4-mile loop along Santa Monica Boulevard, taking revelers to and from the city's buzzing bars without the risk of drunken driving or the hassle of parking. Michelle Valles reports from West Hollywood for the NBC4 News at 6 p.m.on Aug. 16, 2013. (Published Friday, Aug. 16, 2013)

    Trolleys recall a Los Angeles of a century ago, the era when ladies with large hats had to board with the utmost care and gentlemen hung onto standing straps, a pose that meant their pocket watch was more easily accessed.

    But trolleys are making a slow and quaint return. Yep, there's The Grove's green double-decker, and the rumored trolley that'll clang-clang-clang from The Grove to the Beverly Center. And Beverly Hills? That's a city that's been be-trolley-ed for years in the tour sector.

    Now West Hollywood is rolling into the trolley sector with The PickUp, which makes its first run down Santa Monica Boulevard on Friday, Aug. 16. The PickUp will pick up passengers up and down the boulevard every Friday and Saturday from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m.

    Wait time for the trolley'll be fifteen minutes and the loop? It's four miles total.

    The PickUp will have a number of charmingly quintessential WeHo touches, like the on-board photo booth -- yessss! -- and a club-beat sweet soundtrack provided by West Hollywood DJ Derek Monterio. And the outside? It's quite eye-splashy and cartoon-cool artsy, with "breakfast and cuddles not required" writ large on the side.

    Uh-oh, Grove trolley. The gauntlet of outlandish awesomeness has been thrown. Are we seeing a strobe light coming to the green double-decker?

    Becoming a PickUp rider also has its perks. Like? Well, VIP entry at The Abbey, a buck of a drink at Fubar, and "a stop at the Here Lounge gets PickUp riders half off their first drink." "New perks" are promised down the road. Or, er, boulevard, perhaps, is more apt. In short? If you want to enjoy the spirited heart of SoCal's gay nightlife, and save on a drink or two, and not drive, the PickUp is your deal.

    Wait, did we say there's an on-board photo booth? We're just fully grasping the greatness of this now.

    The City of West Hollywood's City Council approved the $71,000 from the City's general fund to make the trolley a reality. Another reality? It's totally free to ride.

    Lead the way, WeHo!

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