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Click into Tickets for Brick Bar LA

LEGO lovers, here's the cocktails-and-construction pop-up you didn't know you wanted.



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    Brick Bar LA
    Brick Bar LA, which has clicked into London and Melbourne, will deliver drinks and build-something inspiration to Los Angeles from Sept. 19-21.

    What to Know

    • Sept. 19-21

    • "Secret location" to be revealed soon

    • $15-$40

    If you've ever experienced a flush of inspiration while imbibing a libation, you likely turned to the nearest cocktail napkin in order to jot your idea down.

    That is, of course, if your phone wasn't handy, but, in this scenario, we're imagining a world where forward-thinking people still keep pens in their top pockets.

    But no phone'll be required, nor cocktail napkin, nor even a ballpoint pen, for you to build, create, construct, and imagine, all while you enjoy a spirited sip.

    For Brick Bar LA, part of the international group of pop-up Brick Bars, will arrive in our imagination-rich town just ahead of fall 2019, and there'll be over a million clickable bricks to play with, as you quaff something cool.

    Nope, the whimsical on-the-road experience isn't from LEGO, but it'll appeal to LEGO lovers who happen to be age 21 or older.

    For it is very much a hands-on happening, one that gives attendees the chance to make castles, spaceships, or their childhood homes out of an assortment of colorful bricks.

    Tickets are on sale now for the Sept. 19-21 event, which will show up at a "secret location."

    Yes, that location will be revealed, for having a ticket to a place you can't find must be as frustrating as needing a yellow brick and only finding a bunch of blues.

    And if you're worried there won't be prizes, should you fashion some especially terrific towers, fret not: Superior builds will be spotlighted and rewarded.

    We're at the very beginning of summer, and this'll pop up at the very end, which means, yes, it'll be here in the fastest of flashes. Click with a ticket now, brickies of SoCal.

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