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Clifton's Cafeteria: New Opening Date Revealed

Call it a tasty way to open the tenth month of the year.



    Clifton's Cafeteria: New Opening Date Revealed
    Clifton's Cafeteria
    The major refurbishment has been completed, but the original re-opening date for Clifton's Cafeteria got pushed from Sept. 22. New date? Thursday, Oct. 1.

    October, much like December, is a month that opens with a lot of particular rites and must-dos attached to it.

    Some people vow to visit a pumpkin patch on the first day of the spookiest month. Others have their first pumpkin spice latte, if they've been able to stave off the urge all September.

    And lovers of historic restaurants, cool cafeterias, woodsy-themed interiors, and true slices of LA? They'll likely spend October 1 wandering around Clifton's Cafeteria, which now has an official and real and let's-do-this opening date.

    Yep, Oct. 1 is the square to circle on that calendar, Cliftonites. You've been patient, waiting over four years to see the newly refurbished inside of the 1935 downtown gem. And just when you thought you'd get that longed-for peek around the Broadway bastion of gelatin and turkey sandwiches, the original re-opening date of Sept. 22 got canned so a few final touches could be placed around the place.

    But the people behind Clifton's Cafeteria, which is owned by eatery impresario Andrew Meieran, are promising to draw back the curtain -- aka welcome customers for white cake and coleslaw and other cafeteria staples -- on the first day of the tenth month.

    And take heart, dear loyalists, if you're concerned that the redwoods-and-deer delights have vamoosed from the property during the refurbishment; a giant tree stands at the center of the mural-laden landmark, a space that's received the approval of no less than the preservation-minded LA Conservancy.

    And if you want to see the door unlocked and pushed open for the first arrivees -- which might include you -- then be out front at 648 S. Broadway by 11 o'clock in the morning on Oct. 1.

    We're not sure if any trumpets will sound, but perhaps they will, in spirit, within the hearts of those who've missed the Jell-O and cabin-like interior and hearty steam trays full of hearty old-school vittles.

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