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Comics-Cute Fundraiser Wins Hearts, Votes

A SoCal couple attends Comikaze in costume while helping out a relative in need.



    Comics-Cute Fundraiser Wins Hearts, Votes
    Be My Puddin' Challenge
    Lito and Jennifer Velasco are going The Joker and Harley Quinn route to help out a beloved aunt living with cancer. The character with the most votes gets a large bucket of pudding dumped on their villainous head.

    Convention attendees show up at mega-large pop culture gatherings with a cornucopia of let's-have-fun goals in mind.

    Find the latest issue of their favorite comic book, and possibly get it signed by the author or artist is one major must-do. Watch an early trailer from a beloved film franchise is another, as is join a cosplay session with other people in costume.

    And now added to the convention list? Raise money for a relative who is fighting a reoccurence of cancer.

    That's just what Lito and Jennifer Velasco chose to do at Stan Lee's Comikaze convention over the Halloween weekend. For sure, the Los Angeles Convention Center party was all about the pop-anime-comics-TV media, but the LA-based duo dressed up as The Joker and Harley Quinn and set about raising awareness and funds for their aunt Kathy Gregory in an unusual way.

    Nope, they simply didn't garner convention-goers' attention via their much-photographed get-ups, which came at the aid of make-up artist David Woodruff (the son of Tom Woodruff, famed for his "Spider-Man" and "Predator" work). The twosome has vowed to dump four gallons of pudding on the head of whichever character nabs more donations via their web site, a la ALS Bucket Challenge-style.

    So, who'll triumph and stand beneath all of that messy pudding? Both The Joker and Harley Quinn are two mirthful baddies, though beloved baddies at that. And given that they were D.C. characters roaming a Marvel-heavy convention, well... we doff our joker's bell-topped cap to their bravado.

    Huge conventions can be a bit "everybody for themselves," or at least that can be the incorrect perception as one watches attendees buzz from activity to activity. But going into Comikaze with a big dose of caring, and some great make-up and style, is helping two cosplay-loving Angelenos help out a beloved aunt.

    And no masks, capes, or evil chuckling are required when it comes to familial love.

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