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Complimentary Samples: Monterey Fresh Tacos

Foodie giveaways and to-dos are crowding the culinary calendar.



    9 Must-See Castles
    Monterey Fresh Farm Stand
    Try a complimentary sample of a Monterey Fresh Taco at the Santa Monica Farmers Market on Wednesday, May 28.

    Monday? It's a day to moan about, traditionally, but it doesn't have to be so. Many a food love spends the day regaling co-workers with tales of adventurous eating from the weekend, and those tales fuel the humdrum brown-baggery of weekday life.

    It doesn't have to be this way, however. Several food-nice and eat-related to-dos are just ahead, so don't untie the napkin that's around your neck just yet, SoCalers.

    Instead, make for...

    The Santa Monica Farmers Market: Monterey will call upon LA when the Monterey Fresh Farm Stand cameos at the Pacific-close farmers market on Wednesday, May 28. "(C)omplimentary samples of the signature MONTEREY FRESH TACO" will be handed out, and, yep, both the chefs behind the tacos and the ingredients used hail from the Monterey Bay area. Good stuff.

    Mohawk Bend: Authors Laurie David and Kirstin Uhrenholdt will swing by the Echo Park restaurant to talk about their new nutrition-minded good foods cookbook "The Family Cooks." A family-style meal is on the docket -- mmm, quinoa cakes with roasted pepper sauce -- and some writerly Q&Aing. Ms. David recently produced the documentary "Fed Up." Want to go? The big night happens on Tuesday, May 20. Want to reserve? Write

    Tender Greens Hollywood: The eatery is doing a beer garden and whole animal roast every third Sunday throughout the summer and early fall. Lamb is on the menu for July, and El Segundo Brewery will be in the house. And come August? It'll be boar and a cameo by the Strand Brewing Co. Eye the full rundown of this culinarily creative cookout.

    Tam O'Shanter: It must be summer, or nearly, if the beer-and-food pairings are taking the tables. Allagash Brewing Co. will be the foamy star of Atwater Village on Wednesday, May 28. Watch for the Tam to pair the haute beverage with dishes like Fresno chili pork loin and housemade goat cheese ice cream. That's right: fancy beer and goat cheese ice cream. Helloooo, decadence.

    L'Assiette: Melrose Avenue's all-new steak frites spot -- seriously, that's just about all they serve, with a few twists -- has a new late-night menu. What's on it? Steak poutine. That's steak and poutine, so, yep, creamy frites are in the house. That sounds like a pretty decadent way to end a long day, yes sirree. Sign us up.

    Manchego: The Santa Monica tapas spot is now doing mac and cheese -- a hundred yums right there -- and Monday through Thursday is still BYO. Having some savory pasta with a bottle of wine you arrived with sounds like the perfect way to close down the first day of the week. Happy fancy-mac-ing, fancy mac and cheese fans.

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