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Creamy Meets Foamy: Beer Float Fest

Frosty grown-up treats? LA Foodie and Angel City Brewery are on it.



    Creamy Meets Foamy: Beer Float Fest
    Ice cream + beer? Why that's a beer float, of course. LA Foodie and Angel City Brewery spotlight the adult dessert on Saturday, April 19.

    The outlandish yet surprisingly toothsome food-on-food mash-up is here to stay these days, fueled by tweets, social media photos, and reviews.

    The cronut? The internet gave the donut-meets-croissant plenty of steam. The bacon donut? It's hard to walk into any hip-happy diner in the city without looking into the counter case and spying the meaty treat stacked five-high upon a paper doily.

    But few edible mash-ups come bearing the spirited kapow of the beer float. It's a dessert for the adult set only, of course, and one sip reveals why: The brew's bitterness is ultra-present, only tempered slightly by the creamy presence of a scoop of vanilla or chocolate.

    LA Foodie and Angel City Brewery & Public House will fete this grown-up summer-ready mash-up over the course of one early evening. That evening is Saturday, April 19, the spot is the Arts District brewery, the beers in the frosty glasses shall be craft, bespoke, and full of body, and the ice cream? It hails from local treat makers Peddler's Creamery, Ice Cream Lab, and Ramekin.

    LA Foodie's Float Trip is the to-do's handle and the cost? Not even ten bucks. It's just $9, in fact.

    Your own beer float mixing kit is included in the tastings, as well as some other goodies.

    So, is this to be your splashy, have-friends-over treat of the summer? We know, we know, you swore adult-style SnoCones would be the theme for summer 2014, but a good beer float just lends a lot body and oomph, overall.

    Sorry, bacon donut. You still reign, but other quirky mash-ups are dominating the menus of greater Southern California these days.

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