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Croon "Let It Go" at the"Frozen" Sing-A-Long

The Disney fall film's soundtrack has zoomed. Know all the words?



    Croon "Let It Go" at the"Frozen" Sing-A-Long
    You love "Let It Go," yes? Then warble it, out loud, at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood starting on Friday, Jan. 31.

    The afterlife on a song-packed movie can be a quirky and unpredictable thing.

    Either a single gets released and finds a little love on the airwaves for a couple of weeks, or, far more rarely, the film's soundtrack becomes a pop culture juggernaut in the blink of an eye.

    Or the falling of a snowflake, rather. For it took no time for the music of "Frozen," Disney's sister-sweet November-released confection, to become the de facto soundtrack of the 2013-2014 winter. Ask any parent with a kid, or, heck ask anyone on Tumblr or various social media sites where the film is getting gif'd, tributed, and remixed with fervor: "Frozen" is bigger than a giant, snarling snowman.

    Which makes its music-minded "re-release" at the El Capitan Theatre on Friday, Jan. 31 perfectly timed. Yep, usually movie re-releases come years after their original premieres, not two months, but this one is different: You'll be able to sing along to all of the songs.

    Truth: Do you know "Let It Go," front to back? Including all of Elsa's dramatic facial gestures and movements? We believe that you do.

    Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez are the songwriters behind that hit, an Oscar nominee for Best Original Song, and the rest of the film's memorable ditties, including "Love Is an Open Door."

    The best part of the El Capitan "Frozen" Sing-A-Long run, which is on through Feb. 13, is that your singing is not only sanctioned but encouraged. If you've ever seen a musical twice in a cinema, and love the tunes, you know how difficult it is to not sing along during your second or even third viewings.

    Moreover, it is refreshing to see a brand new film, still in theaters, get the sing-a-long treatment. While we enjoy seeing the big spectaculars of a few decades back return again and again to our screens, fresh flicks should get a chance to play, if they bring the songs everyone loves singing along to.

    And "Frozen"? You've taken the torch -- or icicle -- on this music-cool matter, completely.