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Culinary Road Trip: U.S. Regional Eats Visit LA

Nosh on New England-style lobster rolls and Chicago pizza at the Thrilliest pop-up event.



    Culinary Road Trip: U.S. Regional Eats Visit LA
    Culinary Road Trip, a pop-up food festival from Thrillist, is at Siren Studios from June 12 through 14.

    The devotion to regional foodstuffs, from anyone living anywhere's standpoint, is deliciously complicated.

    Take, for example, a SoCaler's pride in the fish taco or the date shake or chile rellenos or the cheeseburger. We know we do these dishes best, and yet, deep down, 'round about our tummy, we understand the nation is huge and there are so many regional classics we need to roadtrip to try.

    Lucky for us, those classics are throwing down the proverbial rubber and heading for LA, in the form of Thrillist's weekend-long Pop-Up Culinary Road Trip, which sizzles/bakes/stews/steams at Siren Studios in Hollywood from Friday, June 12 through Saturday, June 14.

    You'll get a chance to nosh from Illinois over to the Atlantic by way of Philadelphia with a swing through Washington, DC and Portland, Oregon, all without leaving Hollywood. Call it Tinseltown magic or call it a well-planned eatfest that brings the bites to you, all for thirty three bucks.

    Starring on the sup-around-the-country bill? Luke's Lobster out of New England, black seed bagels from the Big Apple, Philadelphia's own Tony Luke's Cheesesteaks and Insomnia Cookies, and Gino's East Deep Dish Pizza, from, you got it, Chicago.

    Route 66 sodas and chips and bakery goodies make the stay-put-roadtrip more flavorful.

    There are three sessions to choose from each day, and you'll have two hours within the session to go to town on the tastes, so choose when you want to go on what day when you purchase your ticket.

    Is this kind of like the fabled staycation we always hear we should take each summer? Maybe not exactly, but it is kind of gas to travel the good ol' U.S.A. without spending more on gas than it takes to get to Hollywood.

    Also, you're not going to reach into your pocket in Philly and find your motel key from Boston. Another plus to digging into delish eats brimming with local pride all in one place.

    Still though, LA and tacos. And date shakes. And French dips. Also hot sauces and carne asada fries. No quibbling there: We rule the school in SoCal. Bragging aside, we gladly want everyone everywhere to experience these wonders via their own regional food parties.

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