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Culture Cool: The Bowl's 5-or-More Deal Opens

Planning on seeing a quintet of shows this summer? Nab your seats.



    Culture Cool: The Bowl's 5-or-More Deal Opens
    Hollywood Bowl
    The Hollywood Bowl's 5-or-More deal kicks off on Tuesday, March 18.

    If you have even a pinch of frugality -- and everyone should, at the very least -- then you keep tabs on all of your go-to deals, discounts, and free days around Southern California as a matter of course.

    You know which museums welcome local residents, sans admission, after 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. You know which bakeries mark down the sourdough loaves before closing time. And you know that the Hollywood Bowl's 5-or-More deal kicks off in the general vicinity of St. Patrick's Day, which is fitting, since you can feel as if you've pocketed a gold piece or two after scoring great seats to big shows for nada.

    The 5-or-More opens on Tuesday, March 18.

    Don't know the 5-or-More? The upshot runs a little like this: Buy tickets to five shows -- we were going to type "summertime" shows there, but, please, this is the Bowl, you know it is a warm-weather thing -- and score two bench seats to a sixth show on select nights.

    "Select nights" meaning Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Sunday.

    And, yep, there are asterisks regarding the deal -- a light rain of asterisks, really, not a heavy shower -- so read all.

    But the takeaway? A free pair of tickets to a concert at a landmark, planet-famous venue. Planet-famous? Probably Solar System-famous, right? Cosmic beings across the galaxy have seen the cartoon where Bugs Bunny, decked out in tuxedo tails, conducts opera under the Hollywood Bowl's iconic shell.

    Uh, make that a tuxedo jacket and a distinct lack of pants, as was the sartorial standard for many an animated character back in the day.

    As for the summer's big Bowl players? Hoo, the list is long. The Pixies, Robyn, and a bevy of headliners shall sing, perform, and charm.

    Who shall you see for free? The choosing is fun.

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