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Dachshund Dash: The Wiener Nationals

Dogs, small of foot and keen of eye, shall run in Los Alamitos.



    Dachshund Dash: The Wiener Nationals
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    Ready to raise a bark -- or a hoot and holler -- at the Wiener Nationals? Trot for Los Alamitos on Saturday, July 19.

    Any human who lives with a Dachshund will tell anybody one true fact: Their dog is the toughest, hardiest, most fearless little soul, full of courage and daring and desire to bark at anything that comes within a hundred yards of the backdoor, give or take.

    Still, though. Do we coo over these long-bodied pups and nickname them "frankfurter" and "sausage boy" and "footlong" and "weenie" and "red hot" because, well, they rather look like hot dogs? We most certainly do. Many of us. All of us, nearly. Without apology.

    Thus the fact that frankfurter-famous chain Wienerschnitzel is the company behind the Wiener Nationals makes perfect sense. Nope, the venerable frankfurterery is not putting bun-to-bun in a food competition; rather, low-to-the-ground pooches are competing under the Wienerschnitzel pennant for glory and greatness.

    Next date for this devastating cuteness? Saturday, July 19 at the Los Alamitos Race Track. That's where the Wiener Nationals will run, and if you haven't properly prepared yourself for the sheer speed of a Dachshund, best take measures to get ready. Because, seriously: They're fast.

    "It's the race that decides on the fastest wiener dog in the West!" trumpets the page. The stakes? So high.

    As for the big caboodle in terms of quick wiener dog skills? That happens at San Diego's Holiday Bowl at the end of each year, at the Big Balloon Parade. So mark that one on your canine calendar.

    Want a sniff back at last years Los Alamitos race? Videos don't come more Dachshund-y 'round the internet (nor adorable).

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