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Dance in the Arts District: Angel City Heritage Fest

Art-making, dancing, cultural celebration and hometown brews



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    Angel City Brewery
    Heritage Festival: Dance, listen to tunes, admire art, hear Taiko drums and sip a local brew at Angel City Brewery on Sunday, May 3.

    Anybody who has ever been forced to socialize at a party they weren't all that jazzed about attending has made a silent vow that the next gathering they attend will be easier, breezier, in an interesting place, with interesting people and a strong component of interesting things to listen to and look at and learn about.

    No standing and dawdling and staring at the exit, in short.

    This isn't to come down on the party-throwers of the world; throwing the perfect chillaxed soiree is a task one needs to practice, as Angel City Brewery has been doing for a few years now.

    The Arts District brewhouse, one of the lively linchpins of its immediate area, is again throwing its Heritage Festival, an indoor-outdoor, daytime-into-nighttime gathering for grown-ups. The Heritage Festival is definitely about heritage at its happy heart, thus the day is devoted to spotlighting the art- and music-oriented offerings of the neighborhoods that surround the district.

    Cultural treats flow and flower, as well as the easy-breezy good-time-having, on Sunday, May 3.

    So what does the Heritage Festival encompass? Eight hours of bands and tunes, live painting, an art gallery, Taiko drummers, Aztec dancers, a beer bazaar and more x more. There is a strong community feel to the proceedings as the brewery celebrates its nearest neighbors Little Tokyo, Boyle Heights and beyond, so you might get acquainted with the denizens of the Arts District and Chinatown and Olvera and downtown, too.

    Tables dot the Beer Hall, so get a pint and make a friend. Isn't that how the best parties end? With the trading of digits? (Do people still say "digits" and, if not, can we bring that back?)

    The party is free though if you want to sip a local brew in the new Beer Hall, best bring a way to pay. Angel City will have nine beers on tap including Social IPA and Angel City West Coast Wheat. Plus? A few cellared beers to boot.

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