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Dapper Day: Your Disneyland Dress-Up Tips

Wear your fancy finery at The Happiest Place on Earth.



    Dapper Day: Your Disneyland Dress-Up Tips
    DapperDay.com/Laurie Scavo
    Wear your fancy finery at The Happiest Place on Earth on Friday, Sept. 18.

    Dressing up for Dapper Day at Disneyland Resort isn't as simple as reaching into your closet and pulling out your nicest suit or frock.

    True, the dress-up-and-do-Disneyland happening, which began in early 2011, is all about getting a bit fancy at The Happiest Place on Earth, whatever that might mean to you. A lot of people go with a 1940s or '50s feel, around the time that the Anaheim theme park was in the works, but others think even earlier, like the 1920s. (Which is also thematic, as Walt Disney arrived in California in 1923.)

    Will you be attending on Friday, Sept. 18, the autumn Dapper Day at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure? Thousands of revelers kitted out in their smartest attire will be there. 

    What will you wear? Here are tips...

    Think weather: If you look at the stylish snapshots from the last Dapper Day, which took place in early March, you'll see plenty of stylish umbrellas, for one simple reason: rain. It rained a lot, in fact, but the fashion-forward Disney goers simply dressed accordingly.

    Think rides: How much will you need to remove to ride Space Mountain? Your hat? Your spectacles? An overly large flower brooch? Wear whatever you like, but keep in mind that a few things may need to be stowed in your purse if you're riding some of the faster coasters.

    Think what you personally like best: Dapper Day has a strong vintage vibe, but if you like your vintage newer -- say, the big shoulder pads of the 1980s -- that's a-ok. The only directive is to think dressy and dashing, whatever era you choose.

    Think character or theme: While Dapper Day isn't strictly about Disneybounding -- dressing up in homage to Minnie Mouse or Tinkerbell or Mr. Toad -- there are some Dapper Day attendees that go with polka dots or a green dress or a vest, in honor of a beloved icon. Some of the outfits are subtle, some spectacular and character-riffic.

    Think social: Not just social media, of course, though Dapper Day lives large online as well as inside the parks. Think social on the spot, too; if you like someone's look, and you're standing next to them in line for the Matterhorn, make polite mention of it. There is a true appreciative spirit at work in the day, which also has iterations in Paris and Florida.

    Yes, you'll require a ticket, as usual, to enter the parks. And if you're around on Saturday, Sept. 19, there is more to do, including a "fashion and accessories marketplace" that will also be open on Sept. 18 (look for it at the Disneyland Hotel).

    Need inspiration, fashion, Mickey love, fun? Start here. Need an umbrella? Probably not for the Sept. 18 whoopdidoo, but best check the weather before sauntering in all of your bold style for Anaheim.

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