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'Digital Nature' Now Shimmering at the Arboretum

The limited-time nighttime event is all about eye-pleasing, nature-inspired electronic art presented in the glorious Arcadia garden.



    'Digital Nature' Now Shimmering at the Arboretum
    Digital Nature
    'Lagergroemia indica" by John Carpenter and Justin Shrake is currently on view during "Digital Nature," a limited-time event at the LA Arboretum. See it through Sunday, March 3.

    What to Know

    • Arcadia

    • Through March 3

    • Adult $16 Friday and Sunday, $18 Saturday

    If you're having a digital experience, after sundown, inside a large public garden, the sort of property with multiple themed areas brimming with plants of all varieties, let's be real: You're probably looking at your phone.

    What you're likely not doing is standing before a large-scale artwork, something shimmery and full of light and electronic kapow.

    Because such pieces? They tend to gather in galleries, and museums, and not in locations where there are more people than peacocks.

    The opposite is ethereally true, however, at the Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanical Garden.

    At least for the moment, or, more specifically, through Sunday, March 3. For "Digital Nature," an alfresco contemporary art exhibit, is now on view each night. 

    Employing "amazing video and sound installations," "Digital Nature" incorporates the flora. How? "Contemporary artists will project their work onto the lush garden landscape," with butterflies, wildflowers, and other icons of the natural world fluttering through the imagery.

    An adult ticket is $15 on Friday and Sunday nights, and $18 on Sunday.

    If you're remembering something like this from a few years back, your recall is solid: LA Arboretum presented "Digital Nature" in 2016. It proved to be a favorite, a scintillating synthesis between tech and trees, electronic and air, the wilder world and the world of ones and zeroes.

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