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Dim Sum, Costumes, and Halloween in Chinatown

Small bites and charming frights await around the Historic Plaza.



    Dim Sum, Costumes, and Halloween in Chinatown
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    Make for Chinatown in your costumed best for dim sum and Halloween night cheer. Oh, and are you up for the Dishes of Horror? Get ready, foodies. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

    Would you partake in something called "Dishes of Horror"?

    Of course you would, if the night happened to be Oct. 31 and the other partakers all happened to be rocking the costumes. Though maybe "nightmarish ingredients not for the faint of heart" aren't exactly your bag, and you'd rather watch the adventurous culinary doings.

    That's cool, too. In fact it's all good during the Dim Sum Costumed Crawl, a now-regular thing in the historic heart of Chinatown on Halloween Night.

    And let's put aside the promised "nightmarish ingredients" for now and talk about the deliciousness of dim sum. The bulk of the night's food offerings, from restaurants like Chego and Hop Woo Seafood & BBQ, will be distinctly non-nightmarish. So will the craft beer on offer, too.

    But, yep, a Dishes of Horror showdown'll be on, as will the general admiring of other party goers' get-ups, and the joy of being lit by all of that iconic neon on one of the most iconic days of the year.

    Will tickets disappear in a distinctly nightmarish fashion? Chances are good. Could you act now, while also dreaming about all of the pork buns and walnut shrimp you'll consume? You absolutely could.

    General admission is $60 beforehand, $70 at the door. That nets you dim-sum-ian bites at a quartet of restaurants and four brews from four crafty beer-makers.

    Oh, and very non-nightmarish, part two: There's an after-party, if you feel you didn't get the chance to fully show off that costume enough. Dim sum eating can be very distracting in the best sense. Seconds in it is just about you, the bun, and the small dish of sauce to your right, right?

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