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Do an Impression, Get a Tasty Discount

A Burbank eatery has a novel and theatrical way of cutting deals.



    Do an Impression, Get a Tasty Discount
    Not a Burger Stand
    How's your impression of a "Doctor Who" Dalek? A Burger Stand in Burbank will give you 10 percent off if you do a vocal impression of one when you order.

    Coupons and discounts and deals have mushroomed in the restaurant world in recent years. (Yeah, we said "mushroomed" -- thank you for noticing the food tie-in.)

    Whether we join a site or show a bar code on our phones, we're nabbing discounts aplenty. But a Burbank eatery has found a novel way to draw deal-lovers possessing a theatrical bent.

    Too bad there are so few of those types of people 'round LA, right?

    Not a Burger Stand is the place and the discount delivery system? A chalkboard which challenges the restaurant's customers to order in a different famous voice each week. If the customer does so, they get 10% of their bill.

    Those bills might include Not a Burger Stand staples such as shrimp and grits, Cobb salad, or beef brisket. The restaurant has been serving up spins on Southern comfort dishes since opening last summer on Riverside Drive.

    Manager Lila Gonzalez is the artist behind the funny, customer-pleasing boards. Ms. Gonzalez revealed her artistic process to us: She and owner Matt Peek brainstorm at the beginning of the week and then voila! A board, and a famous character, kicks off the deal.

    Wrestling great Randy Savage was a recent impression pick-of-the week, which created quite an online stir among wrestling fans. And the deal currently on? A Dalek from "Doctor Who." If you know the science fiction series, you know the alien's metallic, choppy voice is *not* easy.

    So good luck. 

    And, let's be honest, you'll want to put some heart into whatever impression you take on. Make the customers seated at nearby tables say "wow." You'll need to really know what the character or person sounds like.

    Best start honing all of your impressions and sense of dramatic flair, stat.

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