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Donuts in the News

A delicious Long Beach sign is saved; other doughy goodness reigns elsewhere.



    Donuts in the News
    LA Conservancy
    The Angel Food Donuts Sign of Long Beach will still stand, thanks to preservation efforts. Coming next to the spot? A Dunkin' Donuts.

    Like portents and foretellings, donut-related news can arrive in threes. Well, maybe not always, but thinking of this as so helps elevate the humble and delicious foodstuff to the loftier heights it deserves.

    And, yes, spelling it "doughnut" might make it even loftier, but we prefer the more workaday "donut," if only because the fewer letters involved helps us get to the donut-eating part of our day faster.

    Love your round chewy pastries? Then you're in luck these days because...

    The Angel Food Donuts Sign... has been saved, through pluck and preservation and a Dunkin' Donuts franchise operator vowing to save the oh-so-retro programmatic sign, a staple of Long Beach's 7th Street for decades. Yep, a Dunkin' Donuts is on the way for that spot, so it makes sense that the older donut would remain. Cheers to the franchisee, conservancy efforts, and all who worked to keep a doughy slice of LBC food history standing tall for the donut-bright future.

    Glazed Donut Bistro... is also making headlines. Thrillist is intrigued by savory choices like shrimp topping Long Johns and toffee peanuts layering a jelly donut. Yep, the bacon-maple wonder that has won hearts near and far is on the new menu, and so is a fried chicken beignet. Let's just type that again, for good measure: a fried chicken beignet. The new donut-a-terium calls West Hollywood home.

    Plan Check Bistro... is about to mark its second birthday on Saturday, Feb. 22, the second birthday of its Sawtelle location. Both the Sawtelle and newer Fairfax locations'll sprinkle some sugar dust on the occasion with a free cruller with every entree purchased on that day. Please. Have you seen the Plan Check cruller? This thing should be on the first cover of Donuts Monthly, should such a magazine ever come out. A true thing of beauty, and even tastier when, yes, gotten for free.

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