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Doodle Away, LA: The Big Draw

Love putting pencil to paper? Make for Grand Park and get your art on.



    Doodle Away, LA: The Big Draw
    The Big Draw
    Make for Grand Park on Saturday, Oct. 11 and turn your ideas into art. It's all a part of the month-long Big Draw.

    If you could have one shining talent, that you aren't fully in possession of at the moment, what would it be?

    While "singing" is probably way, waaaaay up the list for most people, the ability to draw is a regular placer in the top 5. Not only does it come in handy at game night -- you want to draw a dog that looks like a dog, and not a snail -- but it can lead to a host of illustrative careers and hobbies.

    We all have the itch to at least doodle our way to greatness, in short, and The Big Draw comes along, each and every year, to give our pencils, pens, markers, and crayons a nudge in that aspirational direction. An all-October, 60-event, city-wide happening, The Big Draw puts artists of every caliber, and on confidence, before easels and reams of paper and invites them to go to town.

    Or draw a town. Or a dinosaur. Or a dinosaur looming over a town. Or a town eating a dinosaur.

    You get the proverbial picture, and many such pictures shall dominate the day when The Big Draw lands at Grand Park on Saturday, Oct. 11.

    Make Your Mark in the Park is a five-hour extravaganza of "participatory drawing activities" involving "thousands of Angelenos." Yep, it's billed as The Big Draw's flagship event, so bevies of imaginative image-makers'll be out, looking to turn curves and lines into dinosaurs and towns.

    It's completely free to join.

    And it won't all be straight-up, sit-down drawing. You can make a Thaumatrope -- you know the cool spinning mabobs from the 19th century -- and join in creating a Sumi Ink Drawing.

    Oh art. There are so many ways to enjoy you.

    Hours are 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., live music and food trucks will be around music-ing and food-ing, and art stations shall dot the expansive park. Which, lookie-here, is steps from the Music Center, which'll host free open house tours on the morning of the 11th.

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