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Downtown Stroll 'N Sip: LA Craft Beer Crawl

Seven bars'll be serving up a bevy of top brews to craft-loving crawlers.



    Downtown Stroll 'N Sip: LA Craft Beer Crawl
    LA Beer Crawl
    LA Craft Beer Crawl celebrates year number four on Saturday, Aug. 10 and Sunday, Aug. 11. Want to sip, stroll, and sip again? It happens downtown at a septet of stylish taverns and bars.

    There was a day, not too long ago -- let's call it 1996, for good measure, because that's about how long ago "not too long ago" now is -- when people outside of Southern California might have scoffed at the idea of Angelenos going on a pub crawl.

    Pub crawls were for cozy, tight, snug-building'd cities, right? Not big, shiny, freeway-laden LA.

    Scoff, scoff, scoff.

    But LA has always boasted snug-building-y sections, sections that continue to transform and welcome new businesses and happenings as people put more emphasis on a walkable lifestyle. Once that begins, the walkable events soon follow. Example A? Some The LA Craft Beer Crawl, which is set to raise a few fancy foams on Saturday, Aug. 10 and Sunday, Aug. 11.

    The 213 Nightlife happening goes down in a fairly tightly drawn area of downtown where, yep, revelers can indeed crawl, or, er, walk to a septet of bars and taverns: Seven Grand, Las Perlas, Broadway Bar, Casey's Irish Pub, Caña Rum Bar, Coles, and the Golden Gopher.

    And what brewers will represent? A barrel-full is an apt way to describe the sudsy situation. Pub-crawlers will sample the foamy wares of Monkish Brewing Co., Liefmans, Epic Brewing, and Cismontane Brewing, among others. A hefty, generously bodied, and righteous list, indeed. Who's doing the hops-scented hand-picking of the list, by the by? The Beer Chicks, of course.

    A general admission for a single day is $49, but there are a variety of passes. Also? A second day was added this year, meaning a slight drop in the price and more room to belly up to the bar, if you are inclined to belly up to bars. (We're not sure if we've ever seen true bar-bellying-up in action -- most people just approach a bar normally -- but we hope to one day.)

    Nope, LA isn't a true pub-crawly city, and we're not going to argue the point. But we have full-on pub-crawl ready pockets, and that's a fine thing indeed.

    Wouldn't 1996 be surprised to see us now, with all our bike valets and our zombie walks and our ever-growing public transport? Who knew we'd be so often on foot in this freeway city?

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