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Dumpling Time: Chinatown's First Dim Sum Crawl

Get your tickets for a dumpling-riffic day.



    Dumpling Time: Chinatown's First Dim Sum Crawl
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    Adore dim sum? The traditional treat will be paired with Eagle Rock craft brews at Chinatown's first-ever Dim Sum Crawl on Thursday, April 18.

    We generally wrinkle our nose at the whole "folding of time and space" concept that some would-be time travelers so enthusiastically support. (There are so many questions, such as what to do when you meet your parents and they're younger than you.)

    But we do believe in the concept when it comes to sure-to-be extremely popular first-time food events. For example, right now we can look into the future and see that the tickets to the first Dim Sum Crawl in Chinatown are completely gone. It's like we've built a machine and tried to buy a ticket.

    What we're saying is that these tickets will be out very soon in the near future. The big night is Thursday, April 18 -- yep, a Thursday, so repeat "Thursday" a few times inside your head to remember -- but given that dim sum is one treat that's downright craved, revered, and sought 'round these parts, and given that Eagle Rock Brewery craft brews will be paired with Chinatown's best dumplings, well.

    Phoosh. That's the sounds of dozens of tickets selling out in a very quick fashion.

    It's also the first time for this event, and, as you may know, people in Southern California rather like being in on the ground floor of something new. We're doers, that way. Yay us.

    An early bird ticket is $40, then tickets stop at $50 for a time, settling at $60 near the event itself. But you're not waiting that long, right? We've already seen the future and determined tickets will be gone. Take it from us and our time machine. Seriously.

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