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Dwell on Design: Future Furniture (and More)

Eye avant garde and oh-so-useful additions to the home.



    Dwell on Design: Future Furniture (and More)
    Dwell on Design
    Dwell on Design is at the Los Angeles Convention Center over the final weekend in May.

    There's no guessing required when it comes to the time of year when spring cleaning falls. The "spring" part is a solid hint, of course, but sadly there's no follow-up name for what happens just after the shelves are scrubbed and floors waxed.

    "Spring feathering" could work, or "spring rethinking my entire living space and how it operates" is valid, too. For after spring cleaning come the summer projects, the domestic to-dos synonymous with warm weather and longer days.

    Enter Dwell on Design, which is in town from Friday, May 29 through Sunday, May 31.

    It's not called "America's largest design event" for the heck of it: The three-day Los Angeles Convention Center event brings together a caboodle of designers and experts and thinkers in the realm of modern design, the people who think about our home environments and how everything can flow/perform/look better.

    But it isn't just about the hundreds of designers who'll be discussing/sharing/brainstorming downtown: It's about stuff, too, the thousands of products that fill the convention floor, products that cover LED light innovations, fancy staircases, modular furnishings, nifty kitchen stools, space-age fireplaces, paints, flooring, and anything that goes in a home, save the people and pets.

    "Modern" truly is a key word for Dwell on Design, and not just a catchy add-on. It is very likely you'll spy traditional items in shapes you'd never considered or chairs that are blobby or super-colorful or both. In other words, this isn't just a way to fill corners in a home, but to fill home needs in an innovative, offbeat, frequently energy-saving, and from-the-future way.

    Still, reclaimed materials do make cameos and very few things glow. The "modern" part is just about thinking smartly about what your home needs. Not overdoing the stuff element but making additions or changes in a stylish, useful way.

    Ready for your summer around-the-house list? Start at LACC, over the last weekend in May. A pass for one day is forty bucks.

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