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Earth Day Release: Heal the Bay IPA

The ocean-focused Golden Road sip makes it springtime return, with a splashy way to support our big water.



    Earth Day Release: Heal the Bay IPA
    Shutterstock/Golden Road
    Golden Road Brewing re-releases its Heal the Bay IPA in time for Earth Day. Visit a Simmzy's and have an Earth Day pint and see some of the proceeds help our ocean neighbor.

    Passionate makers of craft brews, those artisans behind the foams and hops and hearty sips most associated with a particular place, have gained a rep for being community-minded and highly givebackian.

    But the giveback spirit isn't just found in the local festivals and fundraisers hosted at these brewhouses. It's also in how they name their brews, and what they do with some of the money made from those brews, too.

    Look to Golden Road Brewing, the sprawling, industrially house beermaker of San Fernando Road, near Glendale. A number of its recent releases have been SoCal to their sippable core, and perhaps none more so than Heal the Bay IPA.

    This beer is absolutely named for Heal the Bay, the turning-30-years-old nonprofit that tends to our watery neighbor and its many denizens. But this isn't an IPA that's on the shelves around-the-calendar; there is instead a grand unveiling each year.

    Earth Day serves as the 2015 grand unveil, and while the seasonal brew won't be seen in stores before May 1, fans can head to any of the Simmzy's Pubs for an early pint on Wednesday, April 22 (which is, you guessed it, Earth Day proper).

    If you buy an Earth Day Heal the Day IPA pint at a Simmzy's, will you see proceeds go to Heal the Bay's efforts to care for our heavenly little slice of land-close Pacific goodness? You will. There is special glassware, too, for Golden Road collectors.

    You can also get your Heal the Bay pints at Golden Road Brewing's  HQ starting on Earth Day.

    As for Golden Road's other H20-focused favorite, the LA River? The 2020 IPA, which celebrates efforts to revitalize our urban waterway, is still available, though not for long: It, too, is seasonal.

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