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Earth Week Sweet: "Monkey Kingdom" at El Capitan

See the film during Earth Week and Disneynature will make a monkey-kind contribution on your behalf.



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    Disneynature's "Monkey Kingdom" swings into El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood from April 17 through 30. See it during Earth Week and Disney will make a donation to Conservation International. Ph: Film Frame ©Disneynature 2015

    El Capitan, the megalithic granite wonder of Yosemite National Park, is one of the stalwart symbols of the natural world, and definitely so for California.

    El Capitan, the vintage 1926 movie palace, sits in the bustling, horn-tooting heart of Hollywood, not miles away from society but in the very busy heart of it.

    And yet the latter of the two name-sharers frequently pauses, come Earth Day, to visit the wilder world and our animal brethren. A visit that typically raises a call and a question: How we humans can be considerate co-stewards of the planet we share with billions of other earthlings.

    Look to "Monkey Kingdom," the newest Disneynature film, which is running at the historic theater through Thursday, April 30 (in addition to other cinemas around town). Like previous Disneynature releases -- think "Oceans" and "Bears" -- "Monkey Kingdom" delves deeply, and delightfully, into a specific corner of nature, this time visiting the South Asia and the monkeys who make their home among gloriously old ruins.

    Maya is the monkey we follow on this lark, and her newborn baby Kip. The film is narrated by Tina Fey.

    As with past Disneynature films -- there've been eight True Life Adventures, including "Monkey Kingdom" -- Disney will make a donation to Conservation International for every ticket sold during Earth Week. Want to help? See the film through April 23 (and find out more at the Conservation International HQ).

    And there's a special treat for people seeing the monkey-sweet film at El Capitan: "Exotic animals from around the world" will pay a pre-show visit to the stage courtesy of the Wildlife Learning Center.

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