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Eggs Benedict, Weekending Up Our Weekdays

Need a hearty breakfast after staying up on Tax Night? You're in luck.



    Eggs Benedict, Weekending Up Our Weekdays
    Veggie Benedict
    Tuesday, April 16 is Eggs Benedict Day. Can you mix in a bit of weekend eating during a ho-hum weekday? It's probably okay, once and awhile (and definitely the day after Tax Day).

    Whoever plans "National Fill-in-the-Blank Official Food Days" must have a bit of a sense of humor or some really good timing, at least where Tax Day is concerned.

    The reason? April 15's special food designation isn't nearly as important as what April 16 is called. Why? Figure that people are running around on Tax Day, if they're not facing a dining room table full of paperwork. There's hardly time for a big meal, but come the morning after the big push, they'll want something packed with protein and carbs and a rich, buttery sauce.

    Eggs Benedict, is what they'll want.

    It's what a lot of people always want, the day-after-Tax-Day and on every other day, too, but it is one of those curious dishes that's very much tied to weekend eating. So when April 16 lands on a weekday -- it is a Tuesday in 2013 -- it injects a bit of weekendy whimsy right into the week. How better to celebrate getting your stuff into Uncle Sam on time?

    Look for unusual and yummy local Benedicts at...

    Mo-chica: The downtown eatery does up a Peruvian Benedict, complete with rocoto Hollandaise. Smoked salmon can take the place of bacon. We'd probably just hold onto our fork from the moment we order this, just to start eating it more quickly when it arrives.

    The Mercantile: This Sunset-based joint pours a little evening time-libation into its Benedict's Hollandaise. Wait for it: pinot noir. By the by, this was created by a "Top Chef" participant, you may not be surprised to hear. (Oh, but a weekend-weekday note: This one's special for Saturdays and Sundays, only. Good? Good.)

    GreenLeaf Chop Shop: We're about to type three words that may change your breakfast-loving ways: pretzel bread bun. That's how the Benedict at this mini-chain -- find 'em in Century City and Costa Mesa -- arrives. Pretzel. Bread. Bun.

    Tortilla Republic: If you're on Robertson, and you're feeling breakfasty, and you think "a manchego scone would be nice, but does someone even make those?" you're in luck. This place does, and the cheesy scone plays the bread part in the TR Benedict. We're pretty sure if we just kept a manchego scone near us at all times every day life might be a little luckier. Just a hunch.

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