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Equestfest: Superstar Manes of the Rose Parade

Admire the horses, and gain horsey knowledge, ahead of the big day.



    Equestfest: Superstar Manes of the Rose Parade
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    The horses are a major and much-loved part of the Rose Parade. Eye them early, in all their maned majesty, at Equestfest. It clip-clops into Burbank on Sunday, Dec. 29. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

    The funny thing about horses is they tend to be behooved (as in having hooves, not the other meaning, of course).

    And the funny thing about hooves is they're made for walking, trotting, prancing, and running, which means that horses tend to pass us, if not in a blur, then at a brisk pace, at least when they're on parade.

    Such is the case with the many gorgeous and regal ponies of the Rose Parade. Horses have clip-clopped down Colorado Boulevard for decades, making the manes one of the day's main events.

    You guessed we were going there, right? It's practically some kind of internet law, that "main" and "mane" have to be paired when horses are the topic.

    But there's a way to ask the ponies to, if not slow down exactly, then to stay in one general area, so you may appreciate their skill, spirit, and beauty in one fell swoop. The ponies, and their trainers and owners, happily oblige, and the day is called Equestfest.

    This year's trot-trot is set for Sunday, Dec. 29, and, nope, it isn't in Pasadena, the mondo 'n merry vortex of All Things Tournament of Roses. Rather, you'll want to make for the Los Angeles Equestrian Center in Burbank. And you'll probably want to buy those tickets ahead of time. They're $15 each.

    And what will you see? "(D)rills and dances...trick riding and roping." You'll also get to chat up the riders and gain horsey knowledge.

    One rec: If you spy a particular animal you make a connection with, see if you can spot the same animal in the parade on New Year's Day. Bet the beauty'll be gussied up in its rosy finery, and you can brag to the family that you saw the horse, up close at Equestfest.

    The 25th Equestfest, presented by Wells Fargo, hooves it to Burbank on Dec. 29.

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