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Evening Tour: Stroll the Gamble House with Your Valentine

Bubbly, a sunset, and love for the landmark are on the schedule.



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    Gamble House
    Bubbly, a sunset, and love for the landmark are on the Saturday, Feb. 14, schedule at Pasadena's Gamble House.

    Let's just get this out of the way right now, with an open heart and zero judgement: There's no shame in the thoughts that you think while standing inside Pasadena's landmark Gamble House, a casa which is probably (read: totally) the world's most celebrated Craftsman home.

    You think how you'd like to live there. You go further than that, picturing yourself traipsing down the staircase in a fluffy robe, or reading a book on the porch, or decorating all of those amazing nooks and crannies (but not too much -- an elegant austereness is part of the house's charm).

    You can play house, in your mind, with your honey, on Valentine's Day, when the historic gem hosts a couples-sweet evening tour of the grand property. 

    The Saturday, Feb. 14, twilight tour starts on the terrace with a glass of Champagne. We know, that seems decadent for a house that's long asked visitors to don protective shoe booties. It's like the Gamble House is practically your house, right? If you're sipping bubbly there.

    The tour is from 6 to 7 p.m. and includes "a special performance by Los Angeles composer Galen Wilkes." Get ready for it, fans of early 20th century technology: Mr. Wilkes will have a 1908 Edison phonograph in tow, and shall play "romantic and dreamy recordings" for guests.

    You listen to music at home, right? See: You're living there, for an hour, in your mind.

    The ticket? It's $75 per couple.

    The fantasy that you're playing house at one of Southern California's preeminent abodes? It's a positive thing, really. When we love landmarks to the point that we picture ourselves going about our day-to-days inside them, those landmarks tend to thrive and endure. 

    And the Gamble House inspires that emotion for many fans who share that domestic daydream. That none of us live there, but we all can share it on special nights like Valentine's, is kind of its own love story.

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