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Family Dance Party: Baby Loves Disco

Parents and their little ones shake it up to a bevy of dance-ready tunes



    Family Dance Party: Baby Loves Disco
    Baby Loves Disco
    Ready for a family-style dance party? Make for Baby Loves Disco in Hollywood.

    There are many important triumphs in a parent's life, from the first night a child falls asleep on his own to the first time she packs her own lunch and picks out her own clothes.

    But having a kid one day ask "what's this song?" has its own special glow. We can't make our progeny like the pop culture we grew up with, but we can play our music around the house and in the car, just to see if catches interest.

    And we can seek out special happenings like Baby Loves Disco, which is all about parents and tots dancing together while tunes from the past -- think '70s and '80s plus a few from today -- rock the scene.

    The parent-kid dance party, which has taken root in several cities both here and abroad, is set to hit Dim Mak Studios next on Saturday, March 16. It returns to the Hollywood space once a month.

    It's actually a rather brilliant way of introducing one's tots to the songs of your youth or young adulthood. The kids are busy playing, goofing, moving, having fun, and the tunes are just there in the background.

    Also, someone else is at the DJ station so there are no requests to change the station. And more food for thought: No one has to worry about anyone running into the cat or knocking headlong into the refrigerator during this family dance party. There is ample room to move.

    A few asterisks: Everyone is required to buy a ticket, except those who are still crawling. Haven't taken your first steps yet? You get in gratis. Tickets are $15 and are available ahead of time.

    Also? Snacks for everyone, plus a bar for "non-driving adults," is part of the Baby Loves Disco scene, as are toys to play with, games, and a zone in which to chill out in.

    And young guests leave with a balloon, not to mention a new appreciation for the music their parents grew up with.

    True, it may be a few years yet before they ask "what's that song?" but starting to introduce those songs a little early is the key. Plus, it's bonding to sing together in the car, or at home, years later. Best start their musical appreciation now.

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