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Farmers Market Turns 79 with 79-Cent Deals

The public market's discount-sweet event lasts all week.



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    The Original Farmers Market
    In honor of its 79th anniversary, the Original Farmers Market at 3rd & Fairfax will have .79 and $7.90 specials from Monday, July 15 through Friday, July 19.

    Every birthday is a good birthday, we can all agree, but when you're a business and not a person, things are a little different. Nope, businesses don't get cake or balloons like people do, but observing an anniversary can be an excellent way to thank your customers.

    That's the plan for a beloved public market that has stuck to what it does best for nearly eight decades - on its 79th birthday, it's giving back to loyal customers who have seen it through the better part of a century.

    Yep, there's the Taste of Farmers Market on Tuesday, July 16. That's the big birthday party, where revelers can try a little something from every food booth (so, over 50 samples in all). Tickets, $40 at the door or $35 bought in advance, are still available.

    But the market is going a sweet step further by putting a discount-nice spin on the number 79. Meaning this: From Monday, July 15 through Friday, July 19, several eateries around Farmers Market will price particular dishes or items at $7.90 or, wait for it, 79 cents.

    C'mon. This is charming. Any place that prices tasty goods at below a buck has our alliegiance forever. Plus? We usually equate whatever age we're turning with the number of wishes we can make -- this is birthday tradition, right? -- but obviously it is better to turn your age into something many people can benefit from.

    And it is solid stuff that will be discounted around the market: An 8 oz. coffee at Bob's Coffee and Doughnuts, 8 oz. of smooth peanut butter at Magee's, and cornbread at The Gumbo Pot are all 79 cents each through Friday, July 19.

    And on the $7.90 list? A La Bastile crepe at The French Crepe Company, garlic chicken at $7.90 a pound at Pampas Grill, and any panini you want at Deano's Gourmet Pizza. Same deal, through Friday, July 19.

    The list of deals is pretty dang long, so you might keep it on your phone as you walk around the quaint place, rolling that iconic green shopping cart behind you. The roll of that shopping cart, plus the clocktower chimes, are two highly local sounds. Next time you go, listen and see if you can catch them together. It's magic.

    Happy 79th, Farmers Market. Obviously you'll be around forever, long past the time when people are parking their hover cars above the clocktower.

    And businesses of the world? You all should follow the market's lead of turning a birthday number into a deal for customers. If you already do this, thank you, thank you, thank you. Bet you have the love and loyalty of your patrons now and always.

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